**Aurora Viewing Shuttle

​Take advantage of this unique opportunity within the Interior of Alaska to witness our Aurora Godess dance and twirl high above your heads on a dark stary filled night sky. Be wisked away to the high top of an Alaskan mountain with superb viewing opportunities and world class views. Get up close and personal with the spirit of Lady Aurora! Witness our lady dance and shimmer across the midnite sky with colors that flitter and fold as she floats along. Enjoy a unique and once in a life time experience. With plenty of opportunity to view the aurora. Led by a local resident Alaskan guide this is surely not to disappoint. Hot chocolate and tea are provided. Receive an Aurora viewers certificate with your picture!

  • Don't miss this opportunity to view the impressive and beautifully stunning Aurora Borealis. Come chase the northern lights with us on our exclusive Aurora tour. Escape the city light pollution and prepare to be in awe as you watch the magical Auroras dance and travel above the midnight sky! We provide RT transportation from any local Fairbanks city hotel or hostile. Hot chocolate, tea are provided. Receive an official Chasing Lady Aurora certificate exclusively from Greatland Taxi and Tours Service!
  • **All tours occur 100% non refundable booking fee
  • 11pm-3am Lady Aurora Chaser  tour  $155.00 pp
  • Aurora Viewing 10pm-2am $75pp (stationary viewing at our lodge)

What you can Expect​:

The Aurora Borealis is one of the great wonders of the natural world.  Best seen in the dead of winter when cold winds blow and the night air is crisp and dry, the glow of solar radiation ionizing in the Earth's atmosphere is a special sight usually reserved for the earth's most extreme latitudes.  Now you can head out and experience it for yourself with a local guide who has grown up with the unique phenomena.  

Your trip begins with a complimentary pick-up from your Fairbanks-area hotel or hostel at 11pm .  Your local driver and guide will pick you up in a 9-passenger van, ensuring small, personalized service for you and your party.  Because the Northern Lights are best viewed late in the evening, plan to rest before and after the tour as you may get back well after 3am.  

After passing through and out of the city of Fairbanks, your guide will take you to a private location for full, open viewing of the night sky.  Hot tea and chocolate will be provided, where you can sit, relax, bundle up and wait for the chance to see the glowing green lights creep across the night sky.  Although the Aurora Borealis is never a guarantee, your guide will go out of his or her way to ensure the best possible chance of partaking in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Please watch & enjoy our video!

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Your ultimate arctic Alaska Aurora viewing adventures and experiences start here! Experience this mysterious & magical northern lights event under the Aurora Oval which Fairbanks, Alaska is geographically famous for. Here you will be able to witness breath taking opportunities unique to the Fairbanks, Alaska area. Peak viewing season is in the dead of winter, when the arctic winds blow and the cold winter skies are crisp & clear. Greatland Taxi and Tours Service has opportunities to view the Aurora in late fall August 20th through early spring April. Fairbanks, Alaska is a world reknown city for its spectacularly amazing and breath-taking photogenic opportunities of the Northern Lights. Greatland Taxi and Tours Service invites you to explore the last frontier and come together with other potential Aurora viewers from Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs, Denali National Park people from all over the world hoping to grasp their opportunity in viewing the northern lights and chasing Lady Aurora as she mysteriously, magically and gracefully dances across the brisk midnight sky. Join us now for an untold adventure is awaiting in the glimpse of an eye. Personal and group tours are available. You can expect views of the Alaska Pipeline and perhaps some wildlife! 10:00 pm we will be starting with complimentary pick up to include 2:00 am RT transportation to your local Fairbanks hotel, Hostile or B &B.

 Complimetary Aurora portraits can be taken with your equipment or you can purchase digital copy Aurora Portraits for $5.00 each (please notify us of these needs before the tour starts) and receive an official Fairbanks, Alaska Aurora Viewers certificate. We are pet friendly and there is a good chance our Chihuahua "Gringo" will be present. Please do not make a reservation if you are alergic or dislike pets. **** Please note: the Aurora is unpredictable, and we can not positively assure anyone when or where the Northern Lights is going to appear. Join us for an amazing experience that is like non other and a must for your bucket list!!

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